Due to the corona crisis, there is an increasing shortage in the supply of medical protection equipment, affecting not only hospitals but also nursing homes, doctors‘ offices and social institutions. QckVsr is a student project by me and Jonas Theisinger that intervenes in this crisis with a simple design and is our attempt to support the fight against Covid-19. Using 3D printing, the visors were produced cheaply and decentrally by a network of supporters and then donated to doctors‘ offices or other institutions. All parts exept for the 3D printed frame can easily be made from office supplies: The transparent foil is regular DinA4 size and the holes for attatchment are punched with a standard hole punch. A comfy and secure fit is provided with a regular rubber band or even a hair tie. The design of the frame is efficient, stackable and prints well, but a lot of emphasis was placed on good comfort and ergonomics. Over 800 of the visors have been donated to various facilities.

The QckVsr is based on other printable visors like the one from 3Dverkstan or Prusa which we simplified and adapted for our means. QckVsr is not about aesthetics or authorship but about using the tools and means of production we have as designers to generate positive Impact.

Print files are available here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4250325/makes

QckVsr in the Exhibition „From Today’s Perspective, Discourses on the Future“ at MAK Frankfurt